OSPD Spring Public Defender Conference Materials

April 26-28, 2023


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Storytelling on Appeal - Megan Sanders-Drazen

The Evolution of Forensic Social Work - Lori James-Townes

Cultural Collision - Lori James-Townes

Peoples' Hearts Synchronize - Lori James-Townes

Mitigation: The Defense Key to All Things - Lori James-Townes

Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack White Privilege - Lori James-Townes

Why Black History Matters to Public Defense - Lori James-Townes

Race, Criminalization and Historical Trauma in the US - Lori James-Townes

Maryland's Model is Working - Lori James-Townes

Motions to Suppress: Car Stops - Omadare Jupiter

Theory, Theme and Theater - Heather Rogers

Access to Court Interpreters - Deenie Miller

Appellate Update - Justin Cook


André de Gruy - State Public Defender

Erin Briggs - Training Director

Jason Payne - MPDA President

Prof. Donald Campbell

Byron Conway

Justin Cook

Regina Curry

Sam Dennis

Omodare Jupiter

Kevin McClain

Deenie Miller

Ieshaah Murphy

Heather Rogers

Megan Sanders-Drazen

Sidney Thaxter

Lori James-Townes

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