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The capital defense program is designed to augment, not supplant, the county based public defender programs.  Consistent with the 2011 legislative reforms, Capital Defense under the direction of the State Defender will accept cases at the request of "local counsel."  Capital Defense will provide the "second attorney" as well as investigative and expert support at no cost to the county of prosecution. 

Prospective clients must be found indigent and the District Attorney must be seeking the death penalty for Capital Defense to accept a case.  Capital Defense will continue to provide consultative services in conflict-free cases.

If you are a defense attorney with a death-eligible case and want assistance, please contact us directly.  

Capital Defense continues to welcome inquires about our availability from the Bench and prosecutors.  

Prospective clients and their family and friends are also welcome to contact us about their situations, however our services cannot be arranged privately.   

If Capital Defense has assumed representation and you (judges, prosecutors, clients or anyone acting on their behalf) have questions or concerns about the performance of a member of the defense team, please contact the State Public Defender and Director of Capital Defense, Andre de Gruy, at 601-576-2316 or, 239 North Lamar Street, Suite 601, Jackson MS 39201.  Please mark all correspondence "confidential."     

The following information is offered to demonstrate what you should expect from a capital defense attorney and to explain the mitigation investigation process and role of mitigation specialists.  

 Mitigation Investigation by Russell Stetler
article from The Champion, March 2007 (.pdf)]
Guidelines for Capital Defenders
Guidelines for Mitigation Specialists

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