OSPD Fall Public Defender Conference

October 25-27, 2023



CLE Form - Ethics Hour Virtual

CLE Form

CLE Form Virtual



Litigating the Second Amendment - F. Lee Francis

Forensic Services 2.0: From Tradition to Transformation - Amanda Gugliano

A Discussion of the Settled Insanity Defense - Whitney Cowell, Kathryn Olson, Stephanie Howard, Amanda Berthold

Forensic Autopsy Standards - Alex Ignatiev

PNAS Scientific Guidelines for Evaluating the Validity of Forensic Feature-Comparison Methods - Alex Ignatiev

GAO Probabilistic Genotyping Software - Alex Ignatiev

List of Standards Checklists - Alex Ignatiev

MSDPS Accreditation Forensic Testing - 2022 - Alex Ignatiev

MSDPS Accreditation Forensic Testing - 2026 - Alex Ignatiev

Voir Dire by Alex Ignatiev

Friction Ridge Spreadsheet - Alex Ignatiev

Cutting Edge Issues in Forensic Science - Alex Ignatiev

Interviewing Clients for Racial Trauma - Callie Steele and Juval O. Scott

The Four E's of Voir Dire - John Lentine and Sam Dennis

Creative Motion Practice - John Lentine and Sam Dennis

Digital Evidence Overview - Alice Fontier

Police Accountability through the Courts - Alice Fontier

An Ethical Talk about Public Defenders and AI - Donald Campbell

Appellate Update 2023 - Justin Cook


Dr. Amanda Berthold

Erin Briggs

André de Gruy

Donald Campbell

Justin Cook

Dr. Whitney Cowell

Sam Dennis

Alice Fontier

F. Lee Francis

Amanda Gugliano

Dr. Stephanie Howard

Alexander Ignatiev

John Lentine

Dr. Kathryn Olson

Jason Payne

Christopher Routh

Juval Scott

Callie Glanton Steele

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